Paul Tuennerman’s Biography

I am the youngest of five, was born in Maple Heights, Ohio to my parents, Patricia Ann and Walter William Tuennerman. Shortly after my birth, my family moved into an unassuming house on 55th Street North in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The death of my two older brothers and other factors contributed to the separation of my parents, just as I was entering Elementary School. Shortly after that, my father lost his battle with cancer, and my mother committed suicide.

While my childhood is marked by adversity, including a period during which I lived on the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania one winter, I attribute my ability to endure and overcome these opportunities, to my success in the business arena and proficiency as a leader.

It was during my six-year enlistment in the United States Navy that I began developing my leadership skills.  It was not long before I noticed that there were striking similarities between sailing and success in the business world.

Among the Big Ships” is my approach to sharing my observations as an avid sailor and successful executive.


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